Black • Brown • Indigenous • Trans • Queer

BLK Pearl is
a learning and leisure alliance

We cultivate wellness
through visibility and economic development with
Black, Brown, Indigenous
Transgender & Queer Women

Our vision is to connect and solidify a marginalized populace to become so intimately woven that activism comes as a natural step forward.

The brainchild of a deep craving for community, and a few late night conversations between geographically marginalized trans and queer women - 

BLK Pearl was born just for you.

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But what does BLK Pearl do?

BLK Pearl promotes visibility for groups and individuals who identify with us in the American South and the Rural Globe

We provide respite through health and wellness programming as well as social events.

We advocate for justice and equity. We love ourselves as the key to individual and collective freedom.

We exemplify love and compassion so that we may live in the world we deserve.

By hosting events, developing programs and providing economic empowerment opportunities we remove some barriers to advocacy. We believe the ability to name the problem and fight to resolve it are steps to freedom.

We love toward liberation.


Designed by Tori Wolfe-Sisson

Assembled by Sydney A. Foster