Black • Brown • Indigenous • Trans • Queer


What do you do?

BLK Pearl cultivates wellness through visibility and economic development with Black, Brown, Indigenous Transgender and Queer Women. Find us hosting trainings, events, lectures, classes and parties.


What is trap yoga?

Yoga literally means “union”.

Trap music is a style of music originating in Atlanta, Georgia. Themes generally include experiences of hardship in the "trap", poverty, violence and harsh experiences that artists have faced.

Trap Yoga is an opportunity for our people to embrace self care tools that are often stigmatized in communities of color- ie. yoga

BLK Pearl’s style of Trap Yoga has a DJ live mix trap instrumentals so each class has its own vibe. Traditional yoga classes are silent or quiet, but for people with certain traumas silence can be overwhelming. We meet our people where they are, with love and compassion to inspire self care.

According to the ancient sage Patanjaliyoga is the neutralization of ego-directed feelings, because once these become stilled, the yogi realizes that they are and always have been, one with the Infinite.

Is BLK Pearl only for Women?

BLK Pearl centers women of color in an lgbtq+ inclusive environment

What about gender expansive people and Trans* men?

We exist to cultivate loving environments for transgender and queer people to heal and thrive. Respecting all identities and abilities is our priority. Events that exclusively focus on the experiences of women include that information in the description. Knowledge is power, we look forward to destigmatizing experiences through community gatherings and information.

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Do you host trainings?

We host a great many trainings, contact us here.