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Angela Davis alternative event, organized by broad coalition, will be ‘grassroots,’ open to public

A coalition of local activists and citizens is bringing Angela Davis to Birmingham next month for a “grassroots” event that will be open to the public. It will take place on Saturday, February 16, at a site yet to be determined.

“It will be a conversation with Dr. Davis, not a ticketed event,” said DeJuana Thompson, founder of Woke Vote, “It will center around her life’s work and the current work she’s doing to address in injustice around the world.”

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Pronouns are important

“My pronouns are mine,” Wolfe-Sisson said. “I want you to respect me and I want to know that you respect me by acknowledging the pronouns I’ve chosen, … not by using someone else’s pronouns correctly…. [When you misgender someone], you’re outing them, you’re traumatizing them, and you’re putting them in an unsafe situation that could get them killed.”

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Pride event for black LGBTQ individuals organized for Birmingham

McCummings said gay prides for black individuals provides spaces where people can be themselves while also getting the resources that may be lacking in the community. Black same-sex couples are three times as likely as white same-sex couples to live in poverty, according to a national survey conducted by The Williams Institute, UCLA Law School and the LGBTQ Poverty Collaborative. This same study concluded that the unemployment rate among transgender people of color is four times higher than the average U.S. unemployment rate.

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