Black • Brown • Indigenous • Trans • Queer

Birmingham Women's March 2019

In coalition with Women's March Alabama please join us, alongside several local organizations as we celebrate women... THE RIGHT WAY!

On the 23rd day of Women's Month 2019 we will hold Birmingham's
2nd Women's March.

In light of the atrocities that occurred in November, the statements of the National Women's March, the conflict with the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday as well as the horrid treatment of Dr. Angela Davis, we have shifted both the focus and date of the March.

Understand this Women's March in Birmingham, Alabama is marching towards solutions together. Solution workshops will be held immediately following the post march community lunch.

FOCUS is Equitable Women's Wellness.

GOALS are to connect, educate and motivate women to access mental, emotional and physical health care.

The health of marginalized women directly correlates to overall community health.

Please bring a willingness to co-create a healthy community.

Smithfield Community
March 23, 2019
10am - 4:30pm

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